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The Waves at colorado plateau

The Waves is one of the most extraordinary formations on the Colorado Plateau. Located in the upper section of Arizona’s Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs wilderness area is were you would find the Coyote Buttes. Simultaneously gnarled, polished and twisted rock. A magical place where the colorful sandstone gives itself to mind boggling psychedelic gyration. Although getting there is not an easy task. Because it is a delicate area there are only 20 permits world wide given out per day, 10 from submitted application in advance and 10 from walk –in permits. Walk–in permits are available by applying in person for next- day hikes. Although 40 people were waiting for the 9:00 am drawing at the Paria Contact Station only 10 would be given a permit, my excitement filled the room when my number was the first to be called. To get there is about a 3-1/2 miles one-way hike over somewhat rough terrain, compass and map are essential tools for this hike. This was an experience that Tina and I will never forget.

Camera: 6 x 7 Mamiya 7 II ranger finder camera using the 65 mm F/4 lens. With Fuji Velvia 50
Size of print: (W) 14 3/ 8" x ( H ) 11 1 /2"
Size of mat: ( W ) 24" x (H) 20"
Limited Edition 25

Photographs are printed digitally using archival quality inks and premium luster paper. Archival 6-ply, off-white, beveled cut, front mat with archival foam core back. Photographs are signed and numbered by the artist using archival quality pigment ink.

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